The Finnish Broadcasting Company – Yle – is Finland’s national public service media company.

Yle operates four television channels and three channel slots as well as six radio channels and services complemented by over 20 regional radio programmes. Yle also has the most extensive and varied online selection of television and radio programmes in the country.

Yle FutureZone

Over the years, Yle FutureZone event has turned its attention to current themes and looking to the future. The events have covered a wide range of topics, from eSports to creativity and from virtual studio to lifelong learning. Always topics that we can learn together.

Yle FutureZone Cafe is a once-a-month – small-scale – event where the audience gets close to the speaker and discusses a current topic. Yle FutureZone Stage is a series of lecture hall events that occasionally include the opportunity to participate in a short workshop. The ambitious FutureZone Event is held once a year and top experts are always invited to speak. The aim is always to look at the issue from the perspectives of different industries as well. In 2020, XR-Factory will be part of the Yle FutureZone Event.

Presentation content

Graveyard for the Lunatics

“Graveyard for the Lunatics” is a VR documentary film, shot using 360 and 3D technology and offering an immersive journey back in time though the history of psychiatric care.

Product: Yle Factual

Producer Seija Aunila

Direction and VR: Tomi Paijo

Translator Mari Harve

Dubbing: Andrew McFearn (Gustav), Thomas Whitehouse, Tuulia Kekäle

Sound designer / English version: Timo Hintikka

Aarne – See the world from a different point of view

Aarne may look like any other young man in his thirties, but his vision is blurred due to a rare genetic disorder called Usher syndrome. You will find that he experiences the world in a very unusual way, as he refuses to let his illness slow him down. He plays chess, downhill skis and travels the world, but nothing matches his love for ice hockey.

The Aarne VR experience is presented in Finnish.

Sea Level Rise

What would happen to your hometown if the glaciers melted? In the Sea Level Rise VR experience you can see for yourself what global warming and rising sea levels would mean for Finland’s seaside capital of Helsinki. Several different potential futures are displayed, from the effects of 2.5ºC warming to a worst-case scenario.