Tikiri Wanduragala / Lenovo

Topic:Intelligent Infrastructure – The Convergence of Edge, Cloud and AI

Synopsys: In the IT industry ideas and technologies start as buzz words, then take hold and disrupt organizations finally resulting in the transformation of entire industries. With analytic techniques and technologies like Hybrid Cloud, AI, Edge computing we are in a perfect storm. This session will try to make sense of some of these concepts and show how Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile systems help customers align data center transformation with business transformation.

Tikiri Wanduragala is a Senior Consultant specializing in x86 systems. With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, he worked in a number of international roles with PC and server vendors covering Applications, Systems Development and Product and Brand Management. In his current role at Lenovo, Tikiri is advising customers in EMEA on data center optimisation projects. Tikiri has rich speaking experience at number technology and business events including, among others, Gartner Symposium ITxpo as well as customized executive briefings for top customer accounts, press and analysts.

Rene Schulte / Valorem Reply Topic:Spatial Computing and the AR Cloud – The next wave of computing is here

Synopsys: It’s an amazing time to be alive and experience what was previously science fiction becoming a reality with Spatial Computing devices like the HoloLens 2 and the AR Cloud, the digital copy of our physical world. In this session Rene will talk about the current state of the technology and explain why Spatial Computing with VR/AR/Mixed Reality is a key technology for the fourth industrial revolution and is dramatically changing how humans interact with computers. He will demonstrate some of the HoloLens Mixed Reality projects including the breakthrough 3D holographic live-streaming solution “HoloBeam” powering 3D video conference and collaboration scenarios. He will also provide a future perspective of Mixed Reality combined with AI Deep Learning for intelligent edge augmented intelligence scenarios. Furthermore, will Rene explain why the AR Cloud with Cloud Spatial Anchors are the next big thing by showcasing lots of enterprise and consumer use cases.

Sanni Siltanen / KONE Topic:XR over the product lifecycle

Synopsys: This keynote talk gives an overview of XR use throughout the whole product lifecycle. Presenter discuss the challenges in applying XR technologies in industry and presents examples of successful use cases.

Sanni Siltanen, D.Sc. (Tech.), is one of the augmented reality pioneers in Finland, and industrial XR and innovative maintenance method expert working at KONE Technology and Innovation. Her passion is to bring technologies from research laboratories into real use.

Mika Karaila / Valmet Topic:Future AI-assistant

Markku Turunen / Tampere University Topic:Usage Analytics in XR Environments

Mika Raitola / TELIA Topic:5G and use cases

Satu Keto & Wesa Aapro / YLE Innovation

Topic:Synthetic Person – The Media Interface of The Future


12:00 – 12:30

Startup Fireside Chat: How does new XR Solutions influence on industrial businesses

  • Perspectives by four selected startups: Visumo, Addonto, 360 Kuvapalvelu, VimAI
  • Hosted by Kenneth Salonius, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at Vertical

13:00 – 14:00

XR-Factory Panel: Possibilities and available tools for efficient remote work. Panelists: Sanni Siltanen/Kone Corporation, Tikiri Wanduragala/Lenovo, Mika Karaila/Valmet Automation, Kari Peltola/Wakeone.