The XR-Factory team wants to thank all visitors, speakers, exhibitors, partners, and sponsors who were part of XR-Factory 2020! 

When meeting people face-to-face and traveling is not possible, we need to create new ways for continuing and expanding cross-sectoral collaboration, co-creation, social, and business relationships. XR-Factory was Finland’s first virtual fair and we proved that anything is possible. 

Next year: XR-Factory 2021!

Ps. We’ll announce soon when the edited YouTube stream recording is available.


XR-Factory is less than two weeks away! 

More exciting news, Sean Ricks from YLE will host the event’s live broadcast stream! The broadcast will be streamed on YouTube from Mediapolis Virtual studio, featuring the seminar, exhibitors, and virtual studio guests.

The XR-Factory team had two intensive days this week, 23rd and 24th, of setting up and a rehearsal session in Mediapolis. Even though the team is stretching the technical limits and inventing new ways for advanced virtual event productions, happy to inform that ideas are working! 

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Be sure to keep up to date with the programme as we update it in the coming weeks. And remember to enroll for the event by 6.10 at 15:00 at the latest so you don’t miss out on Finland’s first Virtual Engineering Fair!