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XR-Factory is a professional, virtual event aimed at the industry and media sector, including companies, organizations, and educational institutes. The event focuses on utilizing XR-technologies and executes the first Virtual Engineering Fair in Finland.


The event is free to access, enrolment is required. Register now!


Exhibitors’ XR-product presentations and demos

Seminar: panels, keynotes, a pitching competition for XR start-ups.



The programme chart released! See the announced keynote speakers here.

Pitching competition

XR Factory is one of its kind virtual engineering fair bringing together SME’s and Corporates interested find new innovations. Pitching competition is virtually organized so your location doesn’t matter.

XR Factory is not the traditional pitching, it connects you directly with potential customers that are looking the type of solutions that are announced in the theme categories.

If you are a startup that offers a solution matching on some of the challenges, this is a unique opportunity for great international visibility to sell your solutions and get work together with bigger businesses. Challenges and rules for the pitching competition will be announced in August. Call for application for pitching competition is 18.8.-15.9.2020.

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